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Adobe Photoshop Express 4.1.0 APK Mod for Android Mobile







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* **Photoshop Elements:** This companion to Photoshop enables users to edit and make basic adjustments to raster images (color, grayscale, and black-and-white), but it doesn’t have nearly the power of Photoshop.
* **Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:** This program offers both a stand-alone version and a program that is integrated with Photoshop.
* **Adobe Camera Raw:** This program enables you to preview the true color of captured images and adjust them to eliminate the color cast caused by poorly lit scenes.
* **Aperture:** Aperture is a full-featured program for producing raw images and editing them, complete with powerful and sophisticated adjustment tools.

You may also want to consider using the programs listed in the following two sections:

* **Adobe Pixelmator:** Pixelmator is a program that produces results similar to Photoshop, with some additional features.
* **Pixlr-o-matic:** This program enables you to create simple images with special effects, which can then be saved and shared with other users.

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The download of the desktop version is almost 1.2 GB. In order to install this software we must complete an additional installation step. But once the software is installed, the user will be able to download a smaller version of Photoshop, called Photoshop Elements.

If the first time you are using Photoshop Elements you will need to download and install a number of additional programs. Once the software is installed, you will not need to download any other software from the Internet.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 for Windows


The software is available for both desktop and laptop PCs. The minimum RAM on the machine is 1 GB for version 2018 and 8 GB for the professional version. We recommend having at least 8 GB of RAM. The minimum hard drive space is 128 GB. The minimum system requirements are a processor of the i5 series, at least 6GB of RAM and a space of 150 GB available. The user must have internet access for the installation of the software. Installation takes about 4 GB of space on the hard disk. After the installation you will be able to use any product that is currently available on the market.

Note: The image presented here is a screenshot of the computer screen.

Software installation

The installation of the software is fairly straightforward and we will guide you through it. Download the software to a convenient location, for example, your desktop. Run the download. By running the download you will have access to a folder where you can download the installation program.

This is the folder where the software will be installed.

Now we will give the steps to install this software. Open the directory where you saved the file. You will see a.exe file. We recommend extracting this file in the default directory.

This is the extraction folder, which we recommend using.

We will assume that you choose the default location to extract the file. The extraction folder will contain the following files:




You will see two files, which will be the program files and the installation folder.

Now we will move to a program’s folder. Open the following folder (in the case of Windows XP it is C:ProgramData, in Vista it is C:Program Files and in Windows 8 it is C:Program Files (x86).

This is the folder where you installed the program.

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Ministry of Education (Morocco)

The Ministry of Education () is the government ministry in Morocco in charge of education.

It was founded in 1969.

Academic affairs
Administrative and financial affairs
Cultural affairs
Development of human resources and employment
Employment, human resources and social affairs
Educational and scientific research
Foreign affairs
Overseas employment and development
Rural affairs
Education planning and evaluation


External links
Ministry of Education (in French). Official website

Category:Ministry of Education (Morocco)
EducationPunjab government has been beavering away for a couple of weeks now for revamping the recruitment process in the State Police Bureau and finally the move has yielded fruits. The department has drafted a new recruitment policy for the post of Superintendent. With this a nomination form, merit list, evaluation sheet and revised main eligible list would be issued.

Post names in State Police Directorate.

Candidates can check the list from this link.

The State Police Directorate is divided into six superintendents’ posts, three of them have been given to the locals while three have been left vacant.

State Police Headquarters has been given an additional superintendents post so that the three posts remaining vacant are filled up.

The new recruitment policy has been laid down with special emphasis on the overseas recruitment and the selection of the Superintendent.

The final eligibility list of one lakh applicants, as per the report on the orders of the district courts, has been prepared by the State Police Directorate with the help of the district authorities for selecting the candidates for vacant posts.

An officer of the State Police Directorate said, “After almost 15 years of recruitment of policemen, this time, the candidates seeking to be recruited are from all sections and aspirants could get a fair chance.”

The recruitment policy has also been extended to the technical education courses.

The State Police Directorate has also asked the district authorities for suggestions for the recruitment of police officials.

The SPG has got an additional superintendents post.

The State Police Directorate, in the month of July, had prepared the candidate eligibility list for the post of Superintendent and submitted it to the orders of the district courts for the selection of the candidates for the three superintendents’ posts.

In the month of August the department had

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Is there any practical use for a prepaid cell phone?

There are cases where you get a phone for free, but you’ve got to make a one-time up-front payment, with no service plan so you keep it for 30 days, which is about the longest time you’ll ever have to use the phone.
This is typical with cheaper phones from China or other emerging economies where you don’t get much of a return policy.
Is there any point in getting a cell phone for this situation? I don’t have any say in what phone company I get it from and it may be an unlocked phone, which can’t be sold and is only useable by a certain company.


I have two prepaid Blackberry phones. I use them for the limited use that they allow. I get it:
Prepaid phones are good for people who aren’t in the habit of committing to a contract. People who might not be a “good candidate” for a contract phone.


These can be a decent value for a lot of people who don’t want a contract. They are also an option for people who don’t want to commit to a 24/7 service at a 24/7 price for anything.
You can use them as a cheap mobile phone service or you can use them as a cheap mobile phone service with web access. I think that a fair amount of us carry our phones with us all the time and just use them to check emails or surf the web. So, anything which doesn’t need a smart phone like calendar, maps, voice mail or music is the ideal.
If you plan to just use your phone as a cheap phone service for when you’re away from home then I think they’re a decent option. If you want a standard smart phone then I’d look elsewhere.
I’ve had a cheap prepaid which we’re now deleting. It’s been good for the times when I’ve had to be away from home and I couldn’t afford more than a plain old mobile phone for a few days.
That said, I do use my office mobile which is on a contract so when I’m at home I don’t really need a normal cell phone.


Contracts have their uses for sure, and when they’re not a choice, it’s nice to know you can pay a certain amount for a certain number of calls or data, and get some free calls back if you need

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad (2.6Ghz recommended)
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: ATI/AMD RADEON HD 5000 series
Hard Drive: 25GB available space
Cameras: 640 x 480 pixel (or higher)
DVD drive and disc for installation
Memory: 4


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