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The online Photoshop CC books and the tutorial downloads at the Tutorials pages can be accessed from within Photoshop CC using the Get Help command or from within Adobe Bridge. You can also get to the tutorial pages in many other ways throughout the web. See the Resources appendix for more details about where to find the tutorials and the books.

The Internet is the great repository of information and data. It’s a vast and often ambiguous collection of resources, from websites to blogs, to social media, to public documents that can be found in repositories or, more often, by asking a search engine to find them.

## Finding Tutorials

The Internet is a wealth of knowledge, including videos and image tutorials, though a few of these will be found on websites that are much better than others. The most helpful sites are those that provide tutorials in a variety of formats, that cover a particular aspect of Photoshop in a “cookbook” fashion, and that have extensive diagrams and examples.

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Unlike Photoshop, Elements is not the only graphics editor for Apple Mac or Windows PCs. In fact, many owners of these OSes have both. And, most of us probably use both Photoshop and Elements for our graphic editing.

That’s why I’m writing this article. I’m going to compare Elements versus Photoshop, because I’m thinking that many of you, no matter which one you prefer, might benefit from the insights I’m about to share.

To start with, I’ll show you a snapshot of my Macbook Pro (mid-2014 model) running both Photoshop and Elements.

Why I Choose Photoshop for Editing Images

The reason I use Photoshop for the vast majority of my graphic editing is simple: Photoshop is incredible. It’s the most powerful software on the planet for creating complex images and editing them in ways that would take years of honing skills with software like GIMP.

And yes, it is a 2K program when it comes to providing features for image editing, which is why I use it for my work. If you’re just using it to take a photo, or create a poster, etc., you may be perfectly fine with Adobe’s free options. Or, you might even be fine with Google’s free apps or Apple’s, which may be equally as powerful.

But if you’re using Photoshop Elements or Adobe Lightroom to edit your images, you’re likely going to be more limited in what you can do, and thus have less capability and power. (Let’s talk about the options below in an upcoming post.)

But, here’s the good news: Photoshop Elements is extremely powerful for the average amateur who needs a beginner’s program to do the basic stuff.

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop

Better Image Editing

If you’re trying to learn Photoshop, your goal should be to learn how to edit your photos in ways that will make your own images look more like those you see in magazines or on billboards.

And, when it comes to editing your photos, Photoshop is the only program that makes it easy to really mess up in the editing process.

Once you start, you will find that learning Photoshop is like learning how to play a video game. You’re going to find that as you learn, you can push the control stick (and the mouse) around a bit and mess up. Eventually, though, you’ll get better at it.

Elements and Lightroom are never going to allow you

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‘Who was that?’ Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hook’ Questionnaire draws ire from Gillibrand

As a new book about the 2016 presidential election is set to hit shelves this fall, one writer is claiming a connection between Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump.

In a column for Politico, Jill Abramson, who worked as the executive editor for the New York Times during the Bill Clinton presidency, said that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are “duplicates,” referring to the “pernicious” relationship between the two throughout their careers.


“They are clones, more than 200 years apart, with the same goals and instincts. They are duplicates, much older than they seem. They are the originals,” said Abramson.

The author added that Trump’s presidency has been a “reflection” of the Clintons, saying, “Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump.”

The column was quickly panned by former Clinton staffers and surrogates, including Hillary for America communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

“I can’t believe they would write this,” Palmieri wrote on Twitter. “Either they hate women or they don’t know what they are talking about.”

In the column, Abramson paints the former presidential candidate as a hyper-aggressive woman whose attitude was best represented by Clinton’s ability to use the infamous “who’s that woman?” line.

“It has been, and remains, one of the most vicious campaigns in US political history,” she writes. “We think of Hillary as ‘old,’ but she is actually a young woman —’seventy-six is such an old age for a woman,’ Trump supposedly said, on equal terms, to a reporter. ‘But Hillary is playing the woman’s card very strongly,’ he continued, confirming what they both knew — that Hillary Clinton was getting the last laugh on Donald Trump.

“Trump was paraphrasing a line from the Lady Macbeth play, that celebrated evil, uttered by the nurse, Lady Macbeth, to her husband. ‘Look, the blood of my heart is thine,’ she told him. ‘Look, here’s the handkerchief,’ she said, ‘out of which thou didst these wounds dipp.”

Abramson also claims that Hillary Clinton’s husband “is a political assassin, the most evil man of our time” and that she “wants to be more than a wife — if you believe what you

What’s New in the?

William Conrady

William Conrady (1906–1960) was a French-born Canadian sculptor.

He was born in Boulogne, France in 1906 to a Hungarian-born father and a French-born mother. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon, then the Ecole des Beaux Arts. He worked in many places as a sculptor, including London, France and Austria.

In 1934, he moved to Canada, eventually settling in Vancouver where he taught sculpture at the Vancouver School of Art.

He was active as a sculptor into the 1950s.

In 1995, the Vancouver Art Gallery included his sculpture White Swan II in a group exhibition on 20th-century sculpture, including his sculpture in the Carrall Collection. In Vancouver, a sculpture park in the Stanley Park Boatshed, which Conrady designed for the 1970 World Olympiad, is named after him. In April 2008, the city of Vancouver was honoured by the Assn. of Canadian Sculptors for Conrady Park, located in the Vancouver Ecology Centres (VEC), by which it is named and located.


External links
images of sculptural works by Conrady in the Digital Collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art

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Category:People from Boulogne-sur-MerIn brief:

Called as “a smash hit” by Entertainment Weekly, Old Skull is “a fun, fast-paced, and colorful journey that will take you from alleys to summits and everywhere in-between.” The Montreal-based band has a compelling, intoxicating mix of genres—punk, hip-hop, electro-rock—and they’ve got some of Canada’s top-notch musicians behind them. Old Skull has toured the world with artists like Iron & Wine, Rancid, The Dead Weather, and!!!, and has consistently received rave reviews and the highest marks from Canadian music publications (Torontoist, Exclaim!, NOW! Montreal).

The band’s debut album, “Skull,” was just released by Dischord Records and features Adrienne Shaw, Bruce Allen, Laura Mac,

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