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The basic features of Photoshop are quite straightforward, and you can get a handle on the essentials in no time at all.

Photoshop’s Layers System

Every image you create in Photoshop is composed of layers, or also called masks. You can manipulate these layers in any number of ways and combine them in ways you’ve never imagined. It’s the most powerful program for creating images with layers because you can mask areas, cut and paste images, and apply different types of filters with ease, all with just a few layers.

One of the key strengths of the layer system in Photoshop is its transparency. You can manipulate a layer with its mask so that the layer is always in the background, or you can edit an image in the image itself. You can also merge layers together so that they are one seamless image.

Photoshop gives you many ways to name a layer and to sort and order them. You can put layers in a stack so that they can be dragged or flipped to a particular order.

Photoshop’s layers also give you great editing flexibility with layer masks, including the ability to blur a layer’s edges so that you can selectively cut out part of the image and leave the rest untouched.

You can’t control every aspect of a layer. Some layers have predefined layer masks that determine how they’re displayed; others (such as masking an image) display themselves in a graphical interface.

The layer system works best if you create a new file each time you’re creating a photo. Photoshop gives you the capability to save files only to the Photoshop, Elements, or Bridge file system, but if you save your file in any other format, you can’t import it directly into a Photoshop file. If you want to save a file, your only option is to save it in the Bridge file system.

The following sections introduce you to Photoshop’s basic layer system capabilities.

Creating a new document

To start your Photoshop project, you have to create a new document. Each new project begins with a new document, or a new image in the case of adjusting the appearance of an existing image.

The first thing you see when you start the program is the New dialog box, shown in Figure 4-1.

You can use any of the paths — the built-in shapes, the paths you can create with drawing tools, and the paths you draw with the Pen tool — to create a new document.

Figure 4-1: Create

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Program Features:

It contains the basic features of Photoshop that photographers need, such as layers, filters, masks, adjustment layers, basic image retouching, the ability to print or save in different image formats, including saving as a high quality PDF, and an easy option for sharing images on Facebook.

But it also adds some more useful features that the professional version does not, such as simple visual edits and improvements to web images.

Elements is also designed to give you more of the tools to create your own content and start your own creative business using Creative Cloud.

Here is a brief review of some of the features and functions of Photoshop Elements:

Elements Features:


The image editor in Photoshop Elements is very versatile in that it includes a Layers panel, making it easy to layer new items onto an image. For example, you can cut out people from an image, make a copy of that and give it a different background, make a copy of a layer on a new layer, resize that image and paste it on another picture, or create several different compositions with an image that you just got a perfect shot.

Layers allow you to split an image into the five layers of a regular piece of paper. For example, you can cut out a person from an image and put it on a different image, reposition that person, add some background to it and then move that person on a new layer to have several layers in one image.

Layers also make it easy to add or remove parts of an image without moving the rest of the image and distort your image, since you can separate its layers with the Layers panel.

Adjustment Layers

With most editing software, you make an adjustment on an image and that effect lasts. But with Photoshop Elements, you can save all the layers of an image and make different adjustments on different layers. That way, you can save all of the layers of an image, apply one adjustment to the whole image and then go back and change another aspect of an image to another layer.


Photoshop Elements has some simple yet useful filters that make it easy to change the look of an image.

Frost, Silver, Warm, Sepia, Colorful, and Black and White are all filters you can use to colorize images.


Photoshop Elements has some simple but very useful tools for doing quick adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Free


Redirect ALL traffic to another site except a few IP’s

We have a server with cPanel on it. There are two websites on it, one for our company (developerweb.com) and another for our clients (developerweb.com/dbc). The web.config file for the cPanel server is setup to only allow connections from developerweb.com/dbc. However, some of our clients use some bad server software that redirects all traffic to another site/server. The web.config file for our clients is setup to only allow connections from external IPs, and it is not working. The redirect is causing issues for our clients. Is there a way to setup a “catch-all” rule in IIS for all connections except our internal IPs?


I would recommend you to make a wildcard redirect in IIS for all the failed requests.
For this, you need to add a new server role in IIS which allows you to modify the headers of the response.
Add a new action named “ModifyResponse” and add the following code in it:
public void ModifyResponse(HttpContext context, Exception ex)
if (!ex.InnerException.Contains(“301”))
context.Response.StatusCode = 301;
context.Response.StatusDescription = ex.Message;

Now if anyone makes a request from your server where the server software is not capable of handling it, it will redirect to another host.

St. Louis Blues fans can look forward to some deep run tournament action.

The St. Louis Blues are one of the final eight teams, announced Wednesday morning, to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the second time in three years.

The Blues, which took the 2016 Stanley Cup Championship, announced its 16-player roster on Tuesday.

The Blues will play in the first round of the 2017 playoffs against the Nashville Predators beginning on Saturday.

The Blues went on to win the league’s regular-season championship this season, as well as garnering a 95-point regular-season mark. They ended the season on a five-game winning streak, and have since dropped two of their three playoff games.

The Nashville Predators made the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs after

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CS3?


How to get long value in R

I have value as shown below
id#1 -> 0107475872
id#2 -> 0107475873
id#3 -> 0107475874

What is the function that can be used in case of long value of id field?
I am using SQL Server 2008


If you’re willing to use a package, use read.fwf which will read a comma-separated values file.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace GalaSoft.MvvmLight
public class PropertyChangedEventArgs : EventArgs
public object OldValue;
public object NewValue;

public PropertyChangedEventArgs(object oldValue, object newValue)
OldValue = oldValue;
NewValue = newValue;

Rotten tomatoes on tomato plants

Anyone else have problems with rotted tomatoes on tomato plants? We had only two great tomatoes on one plant, but the rest of the plants are inundated with rotted tomatoes. They appear to have rotted on the bottom side and are falling down when touched. I am suspecting that the problem is either a pest or an insect, since there is a new crop of tomato plants coming up. I really appreciate any help, and if I forgot to include any important information, please feel free to let me know. Thank you very much.


The bugs could be feeding on the leaves, not the fruit, if you are seeing these issues on any of the plants, that is a definite bug. If these were on a single plant, that suggests that a single insect is laying eggs, and they may be present on the new crop of plants also. If any of the tomatoes on the same plant are not damaged, then the are probably

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CS3:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1
Processor: AMD 64 or Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU or equivalent with SSE3 support
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 5200 Series or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: Support for DirectX 9 is recommended.
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1



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