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The essentials

Photoshop is created using a raster-based image format, usually 300 dpi. It is capable of 32-bit color, so files can contain a vast number of colors and have a resolution of as high as 72 dpi.

The photograph is the original, or the first layer of the image. Any edits made to the image are performed on the new layer. The original layer is saved as a file with a “backup.” The layer can be deleted, and all the edits made.


* Allows for multiple different editing modes.

* Allows for many advanced editing options.

* Adjustments include the Photo Filter, which is the most common editing tool.

* Many editing tools let you undo and redo changes easily.

* It can resize images and objects or cut them off of backgrounds.

* Allows for integration of other programs, such as Flash and DreamWeaver.

* Allows for layer-based editing and transparency, which makes it perfect for designing logos, graphics, and other items.

Image Retouching

There are three different image retouching modes in Photoshop:

The Magic Wand: Photographers use this tool to select objects, like eyes and buttons, and the program will automatically select the correct pixels for the editing area. This is a standard tool.

The Lasso/Polygonal Lasso: This tool picks up pixels, and the results are like those used in the Magic Wand. The user must turn on the option of this tool on using the Magic Wand. This tool is great for quickly changing large areas of the picture.

Clipper: This tool can change overlapping pixels to make them all the same color, including colors underneath them.


In order to use the photo editor, you need to have some idea of what you need to do. So here are some of the most common tools.

The Clone Stamp: This is a tool that allows you to use the original pixels in place of what you are trying to change. Using the Clone Stamp, you can get rid of unwanted blemishes on your picture.

The Healing Brush: This tool can repair areas of the picture where the Clone Stamp won’t pick up the exact color you need. Just paint on the area, and the photo will be repaired.

The Spot Healing Brush: A tool to fix small spots like pimples or an eye that isn’t

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Use the menus on the left to quickly navigate and zoom into the image. Click on the two right-pointing arrows to move the grid. Hold down on an object in the image and drag around it. Scroll through the image by dragging the scroll bar on the right. The thumbnail view (bottom panel) lets you browse your images, or scroll through your documents, or open folders in Windows Explorer, and more.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Edit\Stabilize\Repair tools in Photoshop Elements to fix your photos. Just like some other image editing software, Photoshop Elements comes with a collection of tools that enable you to fine-tune your images. Most of the time, these tools are enough to help you get the job done. However, many times you’ll find that one or more of the tools needs a few refinements to help you get the best results.

Thankfully, Photoshop Elements has a few useful editing tools that can help you improve your photos, including one that’s usually quite effective. In this Photoshop Elements tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Edit\Stabilize\Repair tools in Photoshop Elements to fix your photos.

Stabilize Images

Like other photo editing software, such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements comes with a set of tools that enable you to fine-tune your images. Generally speaking, these tools are usually enough to help you get the job done. However, occasionally you’ll find that one or more of the tools needs a few refinements to help you get the best results.

In this Photoshop Elements tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Edit\Stabilize\Repair tools to fix your photos. In this section, you’ll learn how to use the following tools:


Background Erase


Replace Color

Shadows & Highlights



Fixing Exposure

Lighten & Darken Colors

Fixing Filter Bleed

Fixing Lens Distortion

Repair Damaged Photos

Add a New Layer

Let’s jump right in!

Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E (⌘+Option+E) or go to Edit\Stabilize\Repair. The Stabilize Tools window opens, as shown below:

Click the St

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Suppose $T$ is a linear operator on a finite dimensional vector space over a field $\mathbb{F}$. If $T$ is not trace preserving, then there is some $a \in \mathbb{F}$ such that $a
eq 1$. Now, $T$ has an eigenvalue $\lambda \in \mathbb{F}$ with eigenvector $v$. Is it true that there exists a set of linearly independent eigenvectors of $T$, all with eigenvalue $\lambda$? I’m guessing the answer is yes, but I can’t seem to find a proof (or even a reference which provides one). I’m not even sure if my guess is true, so I guess I want to know if my guess is true or not.
Thanks for any help!


If $\dim V\ge2$, then $\operatorname{tr}(1)$ is non-zero, so there is such an eigenvalue $\lambda$ with $\lambda
Note that $T$ is diagonalizable with eigenvalues $1,\lambda,\lambda^2$. For each $n\ge1$, $T^n$ is diagonalizable with eigenvalues $1,\lambda^n,\lambda^{2n}$. So if the

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