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Adobe Photoshop 2021







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Naming conventions

When naming images, remember that the file name can change depending on the software you use. The file name also changes if you modify the file within the application. Use the following file naming conventions to give a clear idea of what you’re looking at when you select an image from the folder.

Be sure to be consistent when naming your images. Most picture-editing software has naming conventions of Photo_date-n.jpg, where the Photo part is your initials or date (if the program supplies you with one). The number part should be consistent with the image number in the folder.

Here are a few more tips for naming images:

If you’re using Lightroom for Mac and you import a file from a camera, you have the option of a custom filename to use.

Use a timestamp (such as the current date) instead of the file’s date. For example, 2015-04-13-1042856.png.

Avoid the number of the month and year. For example, 2016-04-13-1042754.jpg.

Include the name of the place where you took the picture. For example, Florida-April-2013.jpg or San Diego-June-2013.jpg.

## Saving an Image

If your camera or scanner creates JPEGs and you’re happy with the file size, this step isn’t necessary. However, some cameras can create raw files. Raw files are usually larger than JPEGs.

Adobe Photoshop 2021 [Mac/Win] [2022]

Photoshop is a great all-around graphics editing tool that is designed for graphic designers as well as photographers. This article covers the differences between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.

You can use Photoshop Elements to edit photographs, make digital artworks, create sprites for use on websites, or do all of the above. These are some great Photoshop Elements tutorials:

Table of Contents

1. Basic Features

A number of features that you will be familiar with if you use Photoshop will not be available in Photoshop Elements. Some features that might be useful for your work include the following.

2. Open a Photoshop Elements Project File

Open a Photoshop Elements Project File A Photoshop Elements file is a simple file format with the extension.psd. It contains your Photoshop-compatible files and the associated layers. You can open them by using the File > Open command or by using the File > Open File function.

You can open a Photoshop Elements file by using the File > Open Photoshop Elements Files function.

You can switch between Photoshop Elements project files by using the File > Open Recent command.

3. Open a Photoshop Image File

Open a Photoshop Image File A Photoshop image file is a.psd file with additional layers. You can open it by using the File > Open command or by using the File > Open File function.

You can open a Photoshop image file by using the File > Open command.

4. Edit a Project File

A Photoshop project file contains an image, color adjustment layers, and text layers. If you want to see them, you can choose Window > Layers to open a popup window or press Ctrl+L.

Click the individual layers. You can make changes to the colors or the text.

5. Adjust a Photoshop Image

Adjust a Photoshop Image You can do most things by using the Photoshop adjustment layers that are included in the Photoshop image. Simply click on the part of the image that you want to change. Here are some of the basic changes you can make.


You can stretch or shrink the part of the image that you are adjusting.


You can copy a part of the image to create a duplicate on a different layer.


You can change the colors or apply a color overlay.


You can change the brightness, contrast, and gamma.


You can change

Adobe Photoshop 2021 [Mac/Win]

Gereg Prusin

Gereg Prusin (; ; sometimes romanized as Gereg Prusin or Gervais Prusin) was a duke of Ruthenia in the 10th and 11th centuries. His name and family origin are unknown.

Duke of Mecklenburg

In 990, he was a grandson of the late duke Gereg II, son of Sviatoslav I of Kiev and a sister of Vladimir II of Kiev. Prusin was the son-in-law of Mecklenburg’s duke Gebhard, who ruled from about 984 to 994. From at least 998, he was the duke of the entire Principality of Mecklenburg, a settlement on the Elbe estuary on the northern bank of the estuary’s mouth, north of the modern city of Stralsund and west of the delta of the Oder.

In 1004, Mecklenburg’s Margraviate of Lusatia, which lay on the eastern bank of the Elbe and extended west to the Oder, was riven in two, and Prusin’s nephew Margrave Odo became Margrave of Lusatia. This was still the case after Gebhard’s death in 1004.

According to Russian chroniclers, Prusin was the brother of Sviatoslav’s brother Sviatoslav III, suggesting that Prusin himself was his nephew, and Sviatoslav III was a son of Gereg II, rather than a grandson of Gereg II’s son Sviatoslav I.

In 1007, Prusin married Judith of Poland, daughter of the late Duke Bolesław I of Poland and widow of another brother of Sviatoslav III, Jarosław I, Duke of Poland. They had six children:
Ekbert III (1009–1041)
Eustace (1009–1041)
Judith (1019–1116)
Liutgard (1020–1065), married in 1050 to Duke Swietopelk II of Brzeg and Riesenburg
Ewald II (1021–1105)
Helwig (before 1027–1055), married to Princess Maria, daughter of the Polish Prince Bolko I of Poland

Duke of Neuburg

After the death of Gebhard around 100

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that her policies would lead to such benefits and when she managed to mention an inconvenient policy but mentioned it in passing.

The same was true of her attack on a high level Swedish minister’s remarks about media freedom. This is a hugely-sensitive issue and when Sweden’s finance minister, Anders Borg, had objected to any attempts to curtail the Swedish media’s freedom and called for more free speech he was pilloried.

But the Prime Minister could barely mentioned his remarks and there was no mention of the censorship of newspapers in Russia – a country she has just visited.

The Local Affairs Minister, Kris Hopkinson, added nothing to the debate. He was reported in the Evening Standard to have suggested that the Prime Minister was campaigning to win the Scottish and Welsh elections, where he was expected to do well.

This totally undermined his role in the debate and meant we learned nothing about what Labour’s policy was for Scotland.

The National Assembly for Wales Opposition Leader, Vaughan Gething, fared little better. He talked about how his wife had been made to leave, or be removed from, her local council for being gay and about his work on his election campaign but he could not mention the Labour Party.

There was no evidence of any Welsh Labour policy except a vaguely-worded commitment to a devolved parliament and he offered nothing by way of analysis, rebuttal or assessment of any of the Scottish and Welsh leaders’ positions.

The Welsh Energy Minister and a member of the House of Lords, Lord Elis-Thomas, should also have been excused. He complained about his green energy policies, his analysis of the UK’s energy future and his condemnation of his party’s failed policies. He was said to have been flown in by helicopter and was also accompanied by two bailiffs.

The Home Affairs Minister, Oonagh McDevitt, was also a hot topic of talk and complaint on the BBC’s Question Time programme. She had brought a group of people with her, including a woman named Faith Harris, apparently a supporter of the Christian Socialist Movement, to give a parliamentary answer from them. There was much patronising commentary about the need for “young people” to be represented and “people from all kinds of communities”. The young women were left alone to be berated and criticised but their assertions were over-ruled with Labour supporters being instructed to “hold their ground”.

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