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Adobe Photoshop 2021 Activation Download For PC [Latest-2022]







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There are many online teaching resources that will walk you through Photoshop, including MacBreak and Wikipedia. For links to the best online resources for beginner Photoshop users, check out the resources listed at the end of the chapter.

Photoshop is very comprehensive, so you can find its features tucked away in a variety of menus and dialog boxes. But to really master Photoshop, you need to know the basics. If you really want to get to the heart of the software, you need to be up to speed on how layers work.

In this chapter, I explain how to create layers, edit them, blend layers, and mask layers. You also find out how to apply image adjustments and organize your projects.

Layers: The Business of Being Scary

Fundamentally, layers are the building blocks of an image. When you start an image in Photoshop, you create a master layer called the Background layer, which you can use to edit your image as needed. The Background layer is covered in Chapter 2, and you should work on that layer to get your image looking good the first time. If you start an image with nothing on a new layer, the image looks like Figure 5-1.

The Background layer is also the layer on which you put the image’s gradient so that you can work with it easily. (You find out more about gradients in Chapter 9.)

Figure 5-1: Start an image with nothing on a new layer.

Although you can have more than one layer, usually you won’t. Using layers is the best way to make your Photoshop image work for you. It lets you start with a simple outline of a face and make it look great, or take over the complete image to change the composition. To manipulate a face, I suggest creating a separate layer for its features, which are covered in the following sections.

Creating a new layer

To start an image with a new layer, open the Layers panel and click the New Layer button at the bottom of the panel. Doing so opens the New Layer dialog box, shown in Figure 5-2, which shows the current image on the left, the New Layer button at the bottom left, and the Layers panel to the right. Choose a name for the new layer and press OK. Photoshop creates the new layer above the Background layer (as shown in Figure 5-1).

After you create a new layer, you can see that it appears in the Layers panel below the

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 is made by Adobe Systems, and was originally released in 2010 for Windows. It is available for Mac OSX since 2014 and it’s available on all the major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Linux.


Annual subscription

See our guide for the best free Photoshop alternatives.

There are currently no major differences between Elements 12 and 13, but the newer versions of Photoshop may come with some new tools, filters and features.

How to open the files in Photoshop Elements?

If you are not sure how to open the file in Elements, go to its Help section and search for “file format and file extensions”. Most of the most common file types have a recommended software to open or edit them, including

JPG images

PNG images

TIFF images

PSD files

How to open PSD files with Photoshop Elements?

As a new generation Photoshop, Elements 2020 is actually a collection of many Photoshop elements.

The “master” or “root” file in an Adobe Photoshop file is the file with the.psd extension. You can open and edit this file in Elements using the same methods described above.

You can open Photoshop Photoshop layers for editing: These layers contain objects, layers, paths, selections, and even brushes.

Step by step:

1. Open Photoshop Elements 2020. Click on Edit.

2. Click File>Open to open the file.

3. Now you can open layers for editing. To do this, click on the tab that has an arrow head at the top right of the screen.

4. Click on Open Layers.

5. Now you can open any layers you want.

How to Merge files in Photoshop Elements?

First, open and edit each of the layers you want. After this, use the Layers dialog to add these layers to a new master file.

Before You Begin

After opening each of the files, be sure to remove any layers you don’t want to use from the merged file, to avoid confusion about which file was the master file and which was the file you want to edit.

These instructions assume you are merging layers that you added to a new master file. If you have already used the Edit Layers dialog, make sure you remove any

Adobe Photoshop 2021 2022 [New]

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