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swift. ExchangeObjects

class func exchangeObjects(_ firstObject: AnyObject, _ secondObject: AnyObject) -> AnyObject {
let objectMapping = NSObjectProtocol.new()
objectMapping.setObject(firstObject as! NSObject, forKey: “firstObject”)
objectMapping.setObject(secondObject as! NSObject, forKey: “secondObject”)
return objectMapping

I’ve already checked the solutions below for other posts.
Best way to change objects of same type in swift? (Swift)
Swift: Possible to Exchange two different objects with different classes?
Problem is that I’m trying to share a one-to-one mapping of two classes, where one class is not in the same inheritance tree as the other. Do I have to go the dictionary route as shown above?
class func exchangeObjects(_ firstObject: AnyObject, _ secondObject: AnyObject) -> AnyObject {

// the objects have different instances of the same class

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