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Remember, you can always get a USB memory stick, download an application like Dropbox to your computer, or make use of a secure online sharing service like Flickr, to store all your images in one centralized place. Each has its pros and cons, so do some homework before you commit to one.

**Figure 4-17** Pictomic’s web site includes a large collection

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Download and open the application.

Download and open the first document you wish to use.

Change the settings in the top bar to suit your needs.

There is a built-in canvas toolbox.

Choose a drawing tool.

Change the settings.

Check the preview.

Download and open the second document you wish to use.

The layers panel is now in the new design.

Layer styles available.

The stencils panel is now in the new design.

Delete the layer layer.

Move the layer(s) up or down.

Duplicate the layer(s).

Edit the layer.

Apply changes to the duplicate.

As a side note: if you have not been using the Canvas toolbox (located in the top right corner), you will need to do that now. Once you have selected a tool, go to the drop-down menu above it and select the tool option. Remember to edit the Settings first before using the tool.


Selecting an item using the arrow keys

Moving items

Cut, copy and paste

Zooming in and out

Bringing items to the front

Selecting or cropping an image

Moving items to different locations

Shadows, reflections and layer effects

Setting the canvas options

Master the brush options

The bucket tool

Using the eraser tool

Using the canvas toolbox

Using the customizations options

Using the transform tool

Using the color picker and image adjustments

Using the outlines

Choosing a fill style

Changing the fill

Using the gradient tool

Adjusting the lighting

Using the histogram and levels

Using the text tool

Creating a hotspot

Creating an object layer

Using the mask tools

Adjusting the opacity

Using the clone stamp

Using the liquify tools

Using the eraser

Using the airbrush

Using the brush options

Using the eyedropper tool

Using the graphics panel

Creating a custom brush

Using the warp effect

Using the blur tool

Using the dodge and burn tool

Using the text tool

Using the blend modes

Using the effects panel

Editing onscreen items

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Robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: initial experience in Japan.
To present our initial experience of the first 100 cases of robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RALP). Our study comprised 100 consecutive patients who underwent RALP. Patient characteristics, intraoperative and postoperative data, and pathological findings were reviewed. The median patient age was 66 years (range: 50-74 years). The median surgical blood loss was 200 mL (range: 100-1000 mL) and the median operative time was 470 minutes (range: 360-720 minutes). The median length of hospital stay was 9 days (range: 8-18 days). Transfusion was required in 33 patients (33%). The median follow-up was 17 months (range: 5-30 months). The median preoperative prostate-specific antigen level was 15.7 ng/mL (range: 2.7-220 ng/mL). The positive surgical margin rate was 14%. The overall clinical continence rate was 80%. There were two cases of prolonged ileus (2%), one of which was treated with bowel resection. In the first 50 cases, 30% of the patients underwent prostate biopsy. There was no positive biopsy finding. In the later 50 cases, there was no need to perform prostate biopsy before RALP. The robotic-assisted surgical techniques and instruments have been modified to reduce the blood loss and to enhance the visibility of the operative field. RALP is a feasible and effective alternative to open surgery for the treatment of localized prostate cancer.Q:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.jetbrains.jetbrains.plugins.scala.lang.psi.ScalaFile.synchronizeMimetypes()

Since yesterday, we have got this error when running our project :
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.jetbrains.jetbrains.plugins.scala.lang.psi.ScalaFile.synchronizeMimetypes()
The strange thing is that, when running the same project locally, it works fine and we have no errors.
Thanks for helping


It happened to me when I opened a file that used ScalaFile.synchronizeMimetypes() in an old project.
If you can find the duplicated file, just delete it.

Molecular organization and dynamics in the gramicidin A

What’s New in the?

Dynamics in the Facial Soft-Tissue-Plasticity.
The dynamics of intrinsic and extrinsic changes in the soft-tissue structures around the eyes are described. The dynamic process always starts with a collapse of soft tissues under the action of gravity and external forces. The next stage is tissue adhesion, which creates a creep phenomenon in all facial soft-tissue structures. This leads to secondary changes in the soft tissues, which are responsible for the appearance of the natural aging process. The result of all this process is a change in the volume of the tissue. The change is particularly noticeable in small wrinkles and folds.Q:

How to make a radiobutton use the same value after post back

This seems very basic, but I don’t know how to write this in VB.NET.
Basically, I have a dropdownlist and a RadiobuttonList (based on a database value) as below:

System Requirements:

Windows OS: Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Dual core 2.0GHz or faster
Important Note:
The game requires DirectX 11 and a Radeon HD 7900 or better series graphic card.
Some graphic cards may not support the resolution of the game. The game will automatically be scaled according to your graphic card specifications.
File Size: 1.8GB
What is the issue?
A lot of users have reported that the game does not work on Windows 10 operating


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