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There are numerous Photoshop alternatives, including Adobe’s other image manipulation programs:

• The GIMP: `www.gimp.org`

• IrfanView: `www.irfanview.com`

• Aviary: `www.aviary.com`

• and Google+: `plus.google.com`

Photoshop plug-ins

To help bolster its marketshare, Adobe has introduced a program called Photoshop Plug-ins (PS Plug-ins, for short), which enables users to open a PSD file and read through each layer to access all the editing functions on the layers. In the plug-in, Photoshop will include the necessary tools to modify a PSD file. If you’ve created a PSD file from an image, it’s a good idea to go back into the main Photoshop program to fully access all the tools.

Many of the PS Plug-ins have been available on the market for a long time — such as the Liquify tool introduced in Photoshop CS. However, Photoshop has released newer plug-ins that enable you to do even more.

The current wave of Photoshop plug-ins have made almost everything in the CS6 user interface accessible. The new plug-ins that Photoshop has brought to market have radically changed the way that you edit and create your images.

The following list contains the main Photoshop plug-ins. Although these plug-ins are not listed in alphabetical order, this list does help you find what you’re looking for.

• Adjustments (Adjustments)

• Camera Raw (Camera Raw)

• Channel Mixer (Channel Mixer)

• Clone Stamp (Clone Stamp)

• Content-Aware Patch (Content-Aware Patch)

• Curves (Curves)

• Exposure (Exposure)

• Filter Gallery (Filter Gallery)

• Fill Light (Fill Light)

• Gradient Painter (Gradient Painter)

• Healing Brush (Healing Brush)

• Levels (Levels)

• Lens Correction (Lens Correction)

• Lens Tip (Lens Tip)

• Liquify (Liquify)

• Magic Extractor (Magic Extractor)

• Magic Wand (Magic Wand)

• Match Point (Match Point)

• Pathfinder (Pathfinder)

• Patch (Patch)

• Pen Tool

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This article describes the differences between Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop CC, GIMP, and other graphic editors.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a computer application which enables you to create, edit, and enhance digital images. It is a professional photo editing software.

Photoshop is available in three versions, namely Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop Classic.

Adobe Photoshop Classic is an older version of the software. It was originally a standalone application. In the first version, it was an inexpensive photo editor without animation features or a timeline. Now it is a limited version of the software that is only available as a trial.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a trial version of the software. This version is a subscription version that comes with limited features. It is an alternative to Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop CC is a subscription version of the software. It is designed for professional users. It has many features which are missing in Photoshop Elements.

GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop. It is available in multiple editions. A full-featured version is GIMP 2.10, an open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It is available for Windows and Linux.

How do you edit images in Photoshop Elements?

You use Photoshop Elements to edit images. You can use it to drag and drop images from your computer, or you can use online sharing sites.

You open a photo from your computer by pressing the Windows or Mac shortcut key, double-clicking the file or pressing Command + O. You navigate to the folder where you saved the image. Then you double-click the file.

You open a photo from the Internet by pressing Command + R. In the search bar, you enter the web address where you saved the image. You then click OK. Then you double-click the image.

You open a photo from an online sharing site by double-clicking the URL.

You save the image with a new name.

You open a photo in the Photo Bin.

You edit a photo in a canvas.

You use the Layers palette to edit a photo.

You use the Toolbox to edit a photo.

You use the History palette to edit a photo

Photoshop Cs3 Activation Keygen Free Download

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Can’t connect to SQL Server from docker

I have a couple of docker containers running on my local machine that I would like to be able to access the SQl Server instance in.
The containers are fairly vanilla and connect to the SQL Server by providing the correct connection string.
When I try running the containers I get the following error.
INFO[0000] 2019/06/29 10:58:48.890 Node localhost:8001 rejected connection: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

If I connect to the SQL Server directly from the Docker container the connection strings are identical.
Any help appreciated.


I just needed to add the missing TCP options on to the connection string.
sql = sql + ” –lax-sql-strip”

I found this here

What’s New in the?


Is there a way to find out which widget/variation is already in use before resizing it?

I’m using the “Mosaic” theme on WordPress and have a problem that I’ve never encountered before.
The Mosaic theme has a number of predefined variations for the header widgets. By default, the navbar widget is one of these variations. However, when you resize the navbar, it gets resized to either be smaller or to maintain the aspect ratio, depending on which variation you have chosen.
This is okay, but I wish I could find out which variation I’m already using first, and then automatically pick the other one I’m not using first.
So my question is: is there some way to find out which variation of the same widget you’re using first, then automatically select that when you change the size of the widget?


To check which one is used by default, place the code below inside a function in your functions.php (or in a separate custom plugin file):
default ) {
$default_navbar_variation = $type;
return $default_navbar_variation;

With this function in place, you can simply
1) Check if the navbar-variation is already in use, e.g. as
if (check_navbar_default() == $theme_options[‘navbar’]) {
// if we are using the same as before, do nothing
} else {
// else use another variation

2) Check if the navbar-variation is NOT in use and switch it instead.
$used_variation = check_navbar_default();

if (! $used_vari

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