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11 Tests That Tell If You’re Dating Casually ➝

When you’re looking to find a partner, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re giving yourself the best possible shot. To do that, you’ll need to optimize your personality, your appearance, and your habits. Here’s a rundown of the best tips and tricks for modern dating.

Make an Appointment at the Makeup Counter (Make It Look Like It’s an Interview)

Can you picture yourself approaching a potential date wearing something you don’t normally wear, like a halter top? It’s completely normal to feel like you should be ready to spill the tea before walking out the door. But a good rule of thumb? It’s never too early to spruce up. Unless you’re meeting someone on a date-a-palooza. You can pull off wearing a raccoon-fur coat, but don’t be afraid to pull out your favorite bare-faced cover-up.

At the Makeup Counter: Great news! There is a huge market for drugstore makeup these days, so you don’t have to blow the family budget on a new foundation or concealer. If you’re a lip gloss fan, there’s actually a lot of affordable and delicious options these days. Most stores have collections that target various skin types, and you can often find foundations and concealers for under $10. As far as brushes, makeup at a drugstore is often a lot more forgiving than what you’d find at a department store. Some brushes are even disposable. You can get a palette of brushes that are long enough to apply your eyeliner in one stroke, as well as ones that are optimized for highlighting and applying bronzer.

Nail Polish: It’s a Thing (But You’re Only Supposed to Wear It To Work)

Nails are the easiest way to change up your appearance. From a complete overhaul to a subtle hint, you can radically change your look in just a few seconds. Remember, though: on a date, you’re going for subtle. Consider a mani-pedi on a Friday night when you’re going to see a movie, or an all-grown-up visit on a Saturday morning, when you plan to spend the day bonding and seeing your guy. Since your date might not know if you’re wild for it or just keeping it casual, you don’t want to make it too easy for him to know. Also, if you’re going for a date, make sure your nails are clean—you never know http://www.datingafter40.com/articles/why-hook-up-women-after-40-sugar-mommas-sex-tutorial
Over the course of a year I’ve been on several dating sites; depending on the site, some of my dates have lasted over a year, some were three months long, and others were nothing more than a few weeks of flirting. I’ve had dates that ended just because of a bad connection on Skype, I’ve been on a few dates that were more than just lusty eye contact and sexual chemistry, and I’ve been on a few dates that were nothing more than a few hours of talking to someone over dinner. But I also met several wonderful people through meeting them on-line, so I know it can be done.

Any relationship that starts on the Internet is more or less doomed, as the Internet is a platform for people to lie about themselves on the Internet and there’s absolutely no accountability. Since the Internet is a so-called “free” service that most people pay for every month, the people using the Internet have to lie because they can get away with it.

But since dating in the Internet age is fraught with danger, the absolute best way to find a compatible date is to avoid it. The Internet—and online dating—is a minefield, filled with pitfalls and scams. In order to avoid being taken advantage of, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself before proceeding.

1) Are You Of The Sexy Stereotype?

Just like with real life dating, if you look exactly like what you are trying to put on your dating profile you’re likely to get so many emails and messages from potential dates that you won’t be able to get through them all. As with real life dating, it’s best to be attractive, but not so attractive that you might look like an advertisement for a dating site. It’s also best to come across as a fun person—not a person who is always in the mood to mow a person’s lawn for $5 or see his pet parrot and smoke a cigarette at the same time—as this may lead to people in real life who think you’re too much.

If you think this may be a problem, do your research and find out what you’re supposed to look like. A Google image search for “sexy + woman” might be just what you need.

2) Are You On The Free Version?

It’s tempting to use the free version of dating sites—which are ostensibly free, but often require you to provide your credit card number—to eliminate the


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